Fringefeed | 20 Dec 2018

6 Shows Perfect for Tweens and Teens

Do you want to get the teenagers in your life to put down their mobile phone and other devices for an hour? Here’s the trick – take them to a Fringe show!

While there are so many Insta-moments to capture during FRINGE WORLD that require phone in hand, here are a few shows that will make them forget about their device, even if for a little while.

1. McMagic Moments

You never know, Scottish Comedy Magician of the year Elliot Bibby might even make your teenager’s phone disappear! Teens and young adults are sure to be dazzled and baffled by this charismatic magician.

Bibby has been wowing audiences around the world and collecting awards while doing it – he is back in Perth for many more McMagic Moments!

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2. Particle # B

Here is something fresh and new! This combination of circus and theoretical physics questions the rules of our existence and plays on the borderline of science and magic.

Circus artist Kerttu Pussinen takes the audience on a journey from inside the smallest particles all the way to planetary rotation with a combination of with her stunning one woman show.

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3. The Baden Street Singers – Whose Note is it Anyway

Take the teens and tweens to catch some local talent – Perth acapella group The Baden Street Singers. No two performances are the same as the crowd controls the tempo, chooses the genre, and even writes their own song.

The award-winning group’s talents range from barbershop, to ballads, to beatboxing, so you know you are in for a toe-tapping treat with this one.

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4. Clean Comedy

Want some big laughs without the naughty words? This teen-targeted comedy show without the foul language or really naughty bits sounds like some good clean fun this FRINGE WORLD.

There will be a variety of acts from across Australia and overseas on Saturdays to get you chuckling with food and drink available (no alcohol served at these sessions!).

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5. Cirque Africa

This is like no other circus you have seen before! Spectacular and energetic performances that are steeped in rich African culture – we can’t wait!
Cirque Africa is selling out shows around the country and heading to FRINGE WORLD for the first time ever with a fresher, funkier and bolder entertainment.

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6. Love/Hate Actually

This is sure to be divisive – but in a fun way! Long-time creative collaborators Amy and Natalie are split down the middle over Christmas movie Love Actually.

Amy loves it and Natalie hates it. Part double act, part film lecture, part game show, the big decider on who is right will come down to the audience vote. We wonder what the result will be!

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Cover image: PhotoLove/Hate Actually. Photo by Wade Ranson.