Fringefeed | 12 Dec 2018

5 High Energy Shows For The Whole Family

In the mood for something to get the heart racing and pulse pumping that the entire family can enjoy? We have gone through the FRINGE WORLD program and created the perfect list!

These shows are sure to wow, astound and impress with people of all ages sure to gasp their way through in awe at the amazing stunts and acrobatics. Don’t try these at home!

1. 360 Allstars

You will never look at a BMX bike the same way again after witnessing these amazing stunts! Catch the international hit urban circus 360 Allstars at its FRINGE WORD debut.

This show boasts two world champion BMX Flatlanders, world champion break-dancers, a world record holder, and a world class basketball freestyler. We are dizzy with excitement thinking about it.

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2. Djuki Mala

Here is some infectious and high energy entertainment with heart and soul to bring the family together and get the blood pumping.

The fusion of traditional dance, pop-culture and storytelling has been wowing audiences for years, so we reckon this should be high on the list of shows you can enjoy with your family.

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3. Hands some Feet

Perth boy Jeromy Zwick returns to his hometown with his creative partner Liisa Naykki for some more hands and feet mastery. Zwick is the hands, Naykki is the feet. Together, they are an amazing duo.

The show, which was a hit at the 2018 Festival, seamlessly combines startling juggling skills and tightwire work by the innovative acrobats. Your hand will be clapping and your fee will be tapping.

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4. Fuego Carnal

Set your face to “stunned’ for this display of high-octane spectacle of wild stunts! This marks the FRINGE WORLD debut of Fuego Carnal, so be some of the first in town to witness this show.

Buzz around this one heating up! There will be jaw-dropping moments, impressive choreography and you will have a laugh too with the wicked sense of humour.

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5. Not Romeo and Juliet

Let’s face it, William Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet is a bit of a downer, but this is Not Romeo and Juliet. Queerness and clowning collide in this hilarious remix of the classic story.

Set in a pathetic circus, this is high-octane theatrical anarchy, ridiculous physical comedy and a joyous celebration of queer love that has had critics and audiences raving.

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Cover image: photo of Not Romeo and Juliet. Photo by Hannah Spence.