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Fringefeed | 11 Dec 2018

4 Shows to See With Your Gal Pals

Get the squad together for a night out with just the gals soaking up the FRINGE WORLD vibes with fun hangs and hilarious shows this summer. No boys allowed!

The program is bursting with awesome looking shows, but we spotted a few funny and relatable shows dropping truth bombs and bursting with girl power that are perfect for a memorable night out with your lady friends.

1. Double Denim

Get a 90s nostalgia hit with your girlfriends with this show that is a huge dose of high-energy silliness. Self-proclaimed idiots Michelle Brasier and Laura Frew bring an hour of absurd fun and a lot of denim.

2. Let me finish.

Ok ladies, time to get raw and relatable with a no-frills, unapologetic look into the lives of five Australian women. No subject here is off-bounds, but we think you will recognise most, if not all of them.

A courageous collective of women destigmatise the messy stories that lead to female self-acceptance and sexual empowerment.

3. Baby Got Back: Size Queens

A tribute to the toosh, a hooray for the heiny, a party for the patootie. An all-girl cast celebrate womanhood and smash down paradigms with a cheeky show of flesh and comedy chaos.

We think there will be some food for thought here that will lead to some great chats with your gals after, but you will have a great time and plenty of laughs too along the way!

4. Elizabeth Davie – Super Woman Money Program

Money troubles suck – amiright?! Did you know that women often retire with a lot less superannuation than men? Wowsers!

Elizabeth Davie created this bitingly funny show about the inequality of wealth between men and women in an attempt to raise some cash for retirement – and make us laugh.


Cover image: photo by Karen Lowe.