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yourseven – Seesaw

There’s something very comforting about experiencing silence with strangers. James Berlyn’s one-on-one performance piece, yourseven, celebrates this unusual form of communion,…

Seesaw  |  05 Feb 2018

Find the Lady

Can you Find The Lady? Matt Penny, magician extraordinaire tells the ultimate story of the conman conned. He is charming and delightful,…

The Fourth Wall  |  03 Feb 2018

Night Sweats

Each movement was deliberate and intense. As he snapped from each disposition to the next – from tortured to informational…

FringeFeed  |  03 Feb 2018

Power Ballad

There are some shows in which the character goes on a journey. Then there are shows like Power Ballad, where the…

FringeFeed  |  02 Feb 2018