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52 Days

The first thing that’s clear about AIDAN ‘TACO’ JONES is his great story telling ability. After seeing a few shows…

Winning At Failing  |  01 Feb 2019


If you thought there was no humour in cancer, Michael Shafar clearly demonstrates that it truly is never too soon…

FringeFeed  |  31 Jan 2019

Double Denim

Deep under the Blue Room Theatre lies a little secret. Hiding in Rehearsal Room 1 is Perth’s biggest and brightest…

FringeFeed  |  31 Jan 2019

Tod Talks

When you think of Ted Talks, you usually imagine a person waffling on about a boring ass topic like “How…

Dircksey Magazine  |  30 Jan 2019

Tod Talks

Enjoying a good Ted Talk to motivate and inspire you can be the best part of your day. Seeing TOD…

Perth Happenings  |  30 Jan 2019

Pity Party!

German singer Nena’s 1983 party classic 99 Luftballons was blasting outside the tent, but the party was meant to be…

The West Australian  |  30 Jan 2019