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“Why are you still single?” It is the question any normal single person, especially a single person over 30, hates…

The West Australian  |  06 Feb 2019

Boy Zoned

Get ready to relive the 90’s in this energetic, fun take on the boy band era. There are the outfits,…

FringeFeed  |  06 Feb 2019


Polly Polanski is navigating the rocky path of being single and thirty-something. It’s a path walked by many before her,…

FringeFeed  |  06 Feb 2019


Confession time… with 700 shows across 30 days for Fringe World this year, I had a really hard time picking…

Agent Mystery Case  |  03 Feb 2019


So you take a Scotsman and send him to review a show called Scotland!, which stars an Australian, an Englishman…

The West Australian  |  03 Feb 2019

Sticky Digits

Jenny May Morgan’s alter ego, erotic fiction author Pamela DeMenthe, bestows an hour of pleasure on her clamouring fans in…

FringeFeed  |  03 Feb 2019