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Pelican Magazine |  18 Feb 2020


Dreamworks’ 2001 animated film Shrek has seen many iterations, in both arts...

The Fourth Wall |  17 Feb 2020


Just when you think “I’ve seen one aerial circus, I’ve seen them all”, alon...

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Nelson Mandela 2020

great show

Reviewed by jamie banks 2020

Lots of fun, great comedian

Reviewed by kerry 2020

Here in Adelaide fringe. It’s supposed to be just for mature audiences, so I thought taking my 16 year old would be fine. All three comedians talked about sex nearly whole hour, with visual movements with hands etc. I thought it was not appropriate bordering on disgusting and also to ask audiences whether she should have a threesome. Not very imaginative if that’s all they can come up with. There are so many other topics in the world. I have watched many comedians whom have there own shows for an hour or more and they don’t even mention sex in their whole show. These guys have 15mins each. Not impressed

Reviewed by Alison 2020

First class comedy duo - these guys had me pissing myself for the whole hour. Totally hilarious- best comedy I’ve seen this fringe. Go see them!

Reviewed by Elly 2020

Love a show

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